La Tene Celts

La Tene Celts

La Tene and Celtic Society
These artistic and technological developments were the marks of a sophisticated cultural movement. They point to the rise of the Celtic tribes as European powers. Historical sources record this as the period when Celtic tribes were becoming increasingly warlike, even challenging the burgeoning roman empire by invading and attacking areas of Italy.

At the same time, although the Celts remained as fragmented tribes, they were bound by social and religious customs. Their society was by no means undeveloped. As far as Britain, there are examples of tribal chieftains minting their own coins. The Celts of the La Tene period also practised the organised manufacturing of goods, as indicated by the evidence of a pottery factories in Germany.

La Tene was the period that firmly fixed the legendary figure of the creative Celtic warrior firmly in the imagination.

Read more at Suite101: The La Tene Period: The Pinnacle of Celtic Iron Age Culture |


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